Here below some detail about the various coffee extraction methods.



Espresso Coffee

The espresso is born as a result of the impatience of a Neapolitan who considered excessive the coffee preparation time with the old coffee pot.

He asked to a Milan engineer to manufacture a machine capable of putting under pressure the water so as to accelerate the process.

The espresso is prepared by filtering, under pressure, 6.5-7.5 grams of roasted coffee and finely ground.

The extraction water temperature is 92-94 ° C and the water-coffee contact time is about 30 seconds.

The caffeine extraction efficiency is 80%.





Mocha Coffee

With the mocha coffee is obtained by forced filtration with superheated water. The amount per cup is 5-8 grams of finely ground coffee and roasted powder. The between water and coffee contact time is 1-2 minutes and the caffeine extraction efficiency is 92-98%.





Filter Coffee

The filtered coffee is prepared by passing boiling water on coffee, coarsely ground and roasted on average, placed on a filter paper. an automatic machine and the contact time is normally used is about 6 minutes. The caffeine extraction efficiency is 97-100%. .





Boiled Coffee

It is prepared by boiling in the water for roughly 10 minutes the coarsely ground and slightly toasted coffee powder. This beverage is drained without filtration. The efficiency of extracting caffeine is 75%.





Turk Coffee

It is prepared by bringing to a boil the water in a tall container, tinned copper, and then pouring the very finely ground coffee, while the water continues to boil.





Liquid Coffee

It is ready to drink and is prepared with various mixtures. It is placed in 180-200 ml cans. It is used primarily in Japan and Korea.