Quality and certifications

Verwerkaf S.p.A. owns all the major certifications that guarantee the highest product quality, production processes and organization.


CSQA is active since 1990 in the sectors of agriculture certification company, consumer goods, catering, technical and professional services (laboratories, ICT, energy, research companies, waste management, consulting firms, etc.), the PA and personal services. It is the first Italian accredited institution in the food.

ISO 9001: 2008

The law ISO 9001: 2008 represents isthe basis to build and certify the Quality Management System of an Organization. The standard is the reference to the internationally recognized Quality Management for Organizations wishing to respond to the growing competition in the markets through improved customer satisfaction, streamlining of internal processes and the reduction of waste and inefficiency.


IQNet is the largest global network of certification bodies operating in the field of certification of management systems for quality, environment, safety and social responsibility.


The Fairtrade certification guarantees growers a minimum price fair and an additional margin to invest in development projects for the communities. It also encourages the use of sustainable cultivation practices and the conversion to organic, through recognition of a further margin for this type of product.


Italian Certification is the independent federation Company, Quality Systems combining the ten major Italian certification bodies working with specific expertise in all sectors, from agribusiness and distribution, by business and professional services, public services and social. CISQ is also the only Italian member of IQNet, the largest international network of certification bodies. All organizations that achieve certification with an entity of the Federation CISQ obtained, along with the certificate issued by the IQNet certificate, international passport and IQNet certification mark.


The International Food Standard is in response to create a unified quality assurance standards valid for all wholesale food distribution and retail. It is essentially a unified control system of quality and safety systems, applied to all levels of production in which the foods are processed (food companies or companies that pack loose food products). The IFS Food applies in particular to the transformation and processing, handling of bulk products, the activities carried out during the first packaging. IFS Food was the first IFS standard (acronym for International Featured Standards).


National System for the Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Bodies, was established in 1991, in the form of non-profit association, legally recognized by the Italian State. It promotes the development and acceptance of certificates and inspection reports issued in its accreditation throughout Europe and around the world.


Certification that identifies the origins of manufactured products from organic farming and marketed by the company.


The Kosher certification guarantees the production of food is fit for consumption and comply with the Kosher power standards. A Kosher certified product is the final stage of a careful choice of ingredients used, with the guarantee of total absence of cross-contamination risks. A product certified Kosher Parve, is a guarantee for those who are intolerant to milk and meat, as well as will be a guarantee for Muslims. A product certified Kosher Passover, is a guarantee for people with celiac disease.